What We Do

DanceATL provides resources, promotion, and collaborative opportunities for the dance community in metro Atlanta. Project activities focus on advocacy, professional development and information resources, and are designed to gather and disseminate information, convene individuals and groups around key issues, facilitate networking, and stimulate the communal voice

Our Mission

DanceATL nurtures and promotes dance as a vibrant part of Atlanta’s arts ecosystem. We connect artists to resources, grow and engage audiences in the city, and support the full range of the industry by cultivating an awareness and appreciation of dance that is sustainable and expansive.

Our Vision

To foster a vibrant dance landscape across the city that attracts and retains dance artists, plays a vital role in the Atlanta economy, and builds, engages, educates, and inspires.

Our Values

DanceATL shares knowledge. We provide resources that foster creativity and communication among artists and audiences to build community around dance in Atlanta.

DanceATL collaborates. We believe in participatory design, intersectionality, diversity, and accessibility in all its forms.

DanceATL preserves. We provide a platform where the full range of the city’s artistic voices can write, archive, and document Atlanta’s dance.

Accessibility Statement

DanceATL realizes that pursuing values of equity, diversity, and inclusion is critical to our mission of serving the creative community. We value participatory design, intersectionality, diversity, and accessibility in all its forms. We strive to make our digital and live content as accessible as possible by following best practices for digital content and virtual meetings including but not limited to offering closed captioning, image descriptions, and the use of camelcase hashtags. When seeking venues for DanceATL events, we ensure the venue is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974. We will continue to seek new practices to be inclusive of all those who may need accessibility-related accommodations.

Sept. 2021 Potluck Mixer
DanceATL Event Image
Potluck Mixer 2019
Sept. 2021 Choreographers Guild

Services Provided to the DanceATL Community:

DanceATL eNewsletter – bi-weekly (twice per week) email containing news and complete listings of upcoming dance performances, classes, auditions, workshops and job openings. Sign up here!

Dance Calendar – a comprehensive free listing of Atlanta area dance performances.

Community Meetings – a forum for discussion on dance topics, bringing in community leaders to create awareness of challenges in the dance community. Keep an eye on our social media for these events.

Development Programming & Resources – our A.M. Collaborative initiative is a program that connects interdisciplinary artists in a collaborative process. Other in-person and digital resources that foster artist development include tech talks, potluck mixers, a grant writing toolkit, Remembrance page and more.

Social Media – Monday Moves & Thursday Twirls weekly Instagram posts feature the content from our eNewsletter for ease of viewing and sharing. Our DanceATL Community Facebook group also gives individuals the opportunity to share information about upcoming events. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Promenadedigital newsletter created by our writing committee that features Atlanta dance professionals and their contributions to our community. Selected artists are nominated by members of the community and chosen by our Editorial Board based on pre-determined criteria. Read the latest issue here!

Community Map – Explore the local dance organizations and performance venues of Atlanta by perusing our interactive community map! To request the addition of your organization, you can email us at info@danceatl.com.

Promotion – feature your organization or event in our eNewsletter and social media by making a submission to our calendar.