Photo credit Cecily Davis
Nadya Zeitlin and Clara Ofotokun at our first potluck mixer (2019)

Our amazing volunteers assist with programming by acting on one or more of our committees. Interested in joining the team? Read the descriptions below to find out more about the different committees you can serve on.

Archive:  Dance history enthusiasts, this is for you! Help us research and record the history of Atlanta dance. Curate our collected histories from interviewed Atlanta Dance pioneers and help guide how we share these stories. Continue gathering oral histories from longtime members of the Atlanta dance community, and help determine the overall scope and direction of the process of developing an archive of other materials related to the history of dance in Atlanta. 

Community: Bring the community together to network and gather. Our community mixers have been a hit and have included elevator pitch forums, clothing swaps, potlucks and FREE community classes! This committee will also support the community engagement activities of our Engaging Atlanta Fellows. Join this committee and help build a supportive dance community full of collaboration!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: This committee aims to assess and address the needs of the Atlanta dance community as it relates to equitable representation. This committee will also support our Engaging Atlanta Fellows as they conduct their community research and address access or resource gaps that exist in their targeted communities. This committee also guides DanceATL in its constant pursuit of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, Belonging and Access.

Education and Research: Develop collaboration and mentoring within the Atlanta dance community and create educational opportunities to grow. This team created the A.M. Collaborative program, which is currently in its 4th season and has almost 60 different artists towards the creation of new work!

Production: The Production committee is responsible for organizing DanceATL Tech Talks, which are production and design workshops featuring experts in the field who share their knowledge with artists in the Atlanta dance community. Past tech talk topics have included general production process, lighting design, Q-lab, sustainability, and stage management. Production chairperson: Nate Snyder

Writing: Support and contribute to the production of our digital publication Promenade. Promenade features local artists and professionals, their artistic contributions to the community and their perspectives on dance in Atlanta. Writing co-chairpersons: Julie Baggenstoss and Erin Weller Dalton

Why volunteer with us?

Read about some of our volunteers’ experience

“I love the people I’ve met, and I love being able to use my professional skill sets for something I love (dance!)” -Loren McFalls, community and production committees

“My favorite part about being a volunteer with DanceATL is the community environment. I came to my first writing committee meeting and knew no one except for the Operations Manager but I immediately felt right at home and like my opinion and ideas were valid. DanceATL is incredibly nurturing and inviting…Volunteering at DanceATL has given me a community of fiercely passionate individuals, who like me, are looking to make a difference and shape the dance world.” -Ashley Gibson, writing committee

“Volunteering is important because it is a vehicle for people to strengthen their communities through actions that also help them connect with other individuals who share their passions.” -Julie Baggenstoss, writing committee

“The Atlanta arts community in general is largely fueled by passion. … It’s the independent artists and niche organizations– the self-starters– who give this city its creative drive and dynamism. It’s important for the greater community to know who they are and what they are contributing to the arts ecosystem.”- Cynthia Perry, writing committee

If you are interested in joining a committee, please email info@danceatl.org.