Share Your Summer Artist Spotlight: Maria McNiece

Maria in front of Eden***** Studios

Maria McNiece is an independent dance artist and choreographer in Atlanta, as well as an incoming senior and Dance and Movement Studies major at Emory University!

What did you do this summer?

“This summer, I traveled to Berlin for the b12 festival for contemporary dance and performance art! I attended six workshops taught by international artists like Luke Jessop (UK), Fabian Wixe (Serbia), Tom Weksler (Israel) and Roser Tutusaus (Spain), Victor Rottier (Netherlands), Nadine Gerspacher (Germany), and Maria Campos and Guy Nader (Spain). I also spent my time attending dance film screenings, viewing b12 performance projects and pieces by workshop instructors, watching avant-garde German performance art, and making friends dancing and choreographing in every corner of the world!”

Maria in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

What will you bring back to the Atlanta dance community?

“b12 breathed new life into my dancing and creative process. It was transformative to immerse myself in learning, physicalizing, and seeing work with movement I had not been exposed to before coming to Europe. b12 gave me access to physical languages and movement ideologies that I would have never discovered if it weren’t for b12, and it gave me countless ideas for the Dance and Movement Studies thesis I’m choreographing this year! I’m excited to bring back this new body of knowledge back to Atlanta to apply to my work at Emory and in the Atlanta community, and see how my experience at b12 will affect my choreography style as my thesis calcifies.”

(left to right) Fabian Wixe, Maria McNiece, and Viktoria Andersson

Photos courtesy of Maria McNiece.

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