Season Four of DanceATL’s A.M. Collaborative Unveils a Fusion of Artistry and Innovation

On March 24 at 3pm, DanceATL will present a final showcase featuring the work of artists in our 2023-24 A.M. Collaborative program. Currently in it’s fourth season, A.M. Collaborative connects Atlanta-based artists of varying disciplines with a creative partner, providing a unique opportunity for joint investigation, artistic collaboration, equitable exchange of ideas, and community support.

Photo Credit: Michael Boatright
Meg Gourley and Andre Lumpkin in their collaborative work with Jordan Young, “Tethered Together,” in the 2023 A.M. Collaborative Showcase. Gourley side-lunges towards Lumpkin, pulling a tethered wire across her body. Lumpkin squats, perched on the edge of a small raised step in the concrete floor, pulling another tethered wire towards his face. An image is projected on the wall behind them. Audience members gather around them in the background.

This program is unique, in that there are no external expectations. Artists are encouraged to focus on the process of trading ideas and creating in collaboration and community with one another. A program spearheaded by DanceATL’s Education and Research Committee, A.M. Collaborative has created a space in which artists at any stage of their career, in any performance or artistic medium, can engage with and learn from other artists, and develop their work and interests in new ways, moving away from a mentor/mentee dynamic and towards an equitable exchange of ideas and expertise.

The 2023-24 A.M. Collaborative artists include: AK Bayer, Marley Carter, Tzipporah Gerson-Miller, Mya Bresler, Olivia White, Lashonda Johnson, Lauren McCall, Jacquelyn (Jacque) Pritz and Terence Rushin. These artists practice a multitude of artistic crafts including dance performance, music composition, film, choreography, dramaturgy and photography. The final showcase will feature four live performances, two films and one guided movement exercise. Registration for the event can be completed here and requires a minimum $5 donation:

Photo Credit: Michael Boatright
Erin Burch performing a work by Darya Fard and Meaghan Novoa in the 2023 A.M. Collaborative Showcase.

Of the live performances that will be presented is a dance performed by Jacque Pritz and Madison Lee, which invites audience members ahead of time to bring an item for a community ancestral altar. A film that will be shared entitled “Deep Dive” directed by Selena Rizova and Courtney McClendon, utilizes layers of varying musical tones and recurrent movements to reflect the cyclical nature of pressures and responses, reminding the audience of the ongoing rhythm of existence.

The A.M. Collaborative final showcase will take place on March 24 at 3pm at the Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre space at Tula Arts Center. Register and complete the minimum $5 donation here.

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