Recommended Reading: Dancer Wellness by M. Virginia Wilmerding and Donna H. Krasnow, IADMS

A duet is showcased on the right side of the cream-colored Dancer Wellness cover. A woman in a grey sports bra and black shorts is lifted. Her right arm is extended and between the purple letters of the title, her left leg bent, with toes pointed, and her head looking down toward her partner. The man’s profile is shown wearing black bottoms, his right arm is extended and supporting the female’s back. His left arm is extended forward and his back is in a slight arch. 

April 1, 2020
Volume 1 Issue 1
by: Emma Bausback

Whether you are a student, dance educator, or a professional balancing your artistic and physical entity, Dancer Wellness will give you foundations to remain in peak athletic condition. “Wellness defines the state of being in both mind and body through conscious and intentional choices and efforts,“ says co-author Donna Krasnow.

The book provides four primary aspects of the dancer.  Fundamentals which covers the physical dance environment, science behind training, and conditioning. Everything from flooring to shoes, training with mirrors, and idioms of dance practice is covered here.  Mental health provides psychological influences of the dancer. Imagery, somatic practice, rest, fatigue, and burnout effect learning, training, and increase injury. The section on Physical health includes chapters on nutrition, anatomy and physiology, bone health, first aid, and injury prevention. The book concludes with Assessments to screen dancers or just to set your own goals as a dancer for your own wellness. In addition there are learning objects for each chapter and review questions to assist putting research into practice.

The book is full of useful color photos to assist understanding of concepts. Sidebars empower the reader with information on self-awareness. A web resource comes with the book and includes quizzes and study questions for educators wishing to use this book with students.

The authors are both former board members of The International Association of Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS). Formed in 1990 by an international group of dance medicine practitioners, educators, and scientists, IADMS comprises over 1200 members from 35 countries world-wide.  Virginia Wilmerding was the Associate Editor of science for the Journal of Dance Medicine& Science, and her research is found in medical journals around the world. With Donna Krasnow, whom she wrote this book and publishes most of her research, she also co-authored Motor Learning and Control for Dance.

Dancer Wellness meets the needs of dancers in any setting!” – Virginia Wilmerding

Available through Human Kinetics, Inc.