November 19, 2021

Volume 3 Issue 1

As part of a long-term collaboration between DanceATL’s writing and equity committees, we are excited to announce a new initiative seeking ways we can increase support for and take action toward a more equitable dance community in Atlanta.

Promenade+: Engaging Atlanta

These two volunteer-based committees have been meeting over the past several months in response to feedback received about the need to increase the accessibility of our resources far beyond those who frequently utilize them. DanceATL acknowledges its responsibility to serve all members of the community, and prioritize ensuring our content is relevant and accessible to all. 

After having consulted with a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consultant, the committees have prepared an interview format whereby they will conduct brief interviews with dance organizations around Atlanta to listen and learn about their desires and challenges. In an effort to maintain full transparency, these interviews will be published via our digital publication Promenade. This will ensure accountability on DanceATL’s behalf, and inform readers about the needs of dance organizations in Atlanta.

Our goal in conducting and publicizing these interviews is to gain a better understanding of how we can support all members of the dance community in Atlanta, build a connected network of dance organizations and artists, and institute changes that can act as an example for artistic communities nationwide. 

We welcome all feedback about this process, please email with any questions or concerns.

We are creating an End of Year 2021 Applause Board. Submit your accomplishments, accolades, and achievements in the link above! This can include anything you’ve recently accomplished – a grant, new project, award, successful show, or anything else you’re excited about.

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July 9, 2021

Volume 2 Issue 3

Sue Schroeder 
Sue is completing her role as board member and chair with DanceATL. She has supported DanceATL for years, secured operation funds, shared knowledge, and provided many free resources. Thank you for your service!

Douglas Scott
Douglas has completed the 30th season of Full Radius Dance, while serving as Dance ATL’s treasurer and continuing to redefine the boundaries of dance. 

Jacque Pritz and Tamara Irving 
Jacque and Tamara participated in the ALMA workshop and presented their creative placemaking projects. Jacque, a part of team seafoam, won the adjudicator’s award as well as the audience choice award. 

Hannah Myers
Hannah Myers has recently created a new website featuring her portfolio of past and present works. She looks forward to networking with more Atlanta artists of all mediums in hopes of future collaborative efforts. Check it out here.

Thank you for your contributions to the Atlanta Dance community, we will miss you!

Angelina Pellini 
Angelina is a dancer and stage manager, currently working for Ballet West in Utah. Be sure to check out an in-depth article about her here.

Jessica Bertram
Jessica recently premiered Our Hair Feels Like Flower Petals with multiple sold out shows. She will be moving to Denver for graduate school at CU Boulder!

Jacob Lavoie
Jacob is an avid volunteer who recently completed his wildly successful show So long, Farewell, Goodbye. Congratulations and thank you for your support. We wish you much prosperity in your move to New Hampshire!

Catherine Messina 
Catherine is the creator of Fall for Fall and the Spring for Spring festivals, a teacher for many studios, and a dancer with Kit Modus. She has moved away from Atlanta to pursue graduate school in New York City, but we thank her for her contributions to Atlanta and wish her the best!

Tsiambwom Akuchu
Congratulations to Tsaimbwom for accepting a position as an Assistant Professor of dance at California State University, Long Beach. He will be teaching hip-hop dance forms with an emphasis on the socio-cultural and historic context to the dances as Afro-diasporic performative traditions. He will also develop curriculum and work as the program coordinator for the hip-hop dance track while producing scholarship and creative work!

March 1, 2021

Volume 2 Issue 2

Thank you to everyone who attended A.M. Collaborative’s Taste event!

On the evening of February 26, 2021 from the comfort of their homes, 56 people met via Zoom to “taste” the collaborative works of over 20 artists created over the past five months. The doors “opened” at 6:55 p.m. with a formal welcome ten minutes later by lead curator, Samatha Spriggs. After brief introductions from the involved artists, the curators guided a Q&A session highlighting the voices from each collaborative pair or trio while showcasing a taste of their work on the screen. The entire event shined with fervor, leaving everyone present ardently optimistic and inspired for what’s to come next. 

You can view all the projects from the A.M. Collaborative artists by clicking here.

Are you interested in joining next season’s A.M Collaborative program? Fill out our interest form.

Dance Hub ATL

Announcing a formation of a new creative structure in the Atlanta dance scene! 

Dance Hub ATL was chosen among 70 proposals from the Atlanta community to become a resident of the Hambidge Cross-Pollination Art Lab, curated by Hambidge Center in partnership with Rubenstein Partners and Uptown Atlanta with funding from Lubo Fund and Fulton County Arts and Culture. 

Dance Hub ATL consists of 7 professional artists representing a diverse collective of artistic disciplines including dance theatre, Butoh, modern/contemporary dance, and performance art: Jessica Bertram, Leo Briggs, Porter Grubbs, Jacob Lavoie, Catherine Messina, Frankie Mulinix, and Nadya Zeitlin. 


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October 31, 2020

Volume 2 Issue 1

Beth Del Nero

Beth’s dance trapeze piece, The Anxiety of Waiting, which she choreographed at the height of Atlanta shelter-in-place was accepted into two virtual projects: The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs’ Pandemic Atlanta project and Modco’s Quarantine Chronicles. Beth has revamped the piece for an exciting virtual aerial arts performance which will be presented by the instructors of Challenge Aerial end of October.
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George Staib

George Staib was elected to the Dance/USA Board of Trustees in June of 2020. Beginning this November, he will serve the organization with a focus on programming and development. This includes, but is not limited to DEI work, navigating the fiscal crises many artists and arts organizations are facing, and elevating emerging artists to greater visibility.

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Election Day is November 3. Go #DanceTheVote and get your ballot in!
Video edit: Jacob Lavoie

Applause Board

This is a new element we are adding to Promenade. Share your achievements, accomplishments, accolades… whatever you want to call them, and let us give you a round of applause! Share these wins (both big and small)  here and we will post these with every issue.

COVID-19: So what does this mean for Atlanta dance?

June 1, 2020

Volume 1 Issue 2

How are you staying creative during the quarantine?

Let us know by tagging us or sending a direct message on Instagram to @danceatlanta

  • Courtesy of @oji_dannelley
    Being puppies & singing ” Head, Shoulders” with my Granddaughter Clementine. This gets us both moving!  ( When we got to the “ears” part, she couldn’t decide if we should point to our real ears or the puppy ears.💜) #Grandmother #Quarantine

  • Courtesy of @jcublavoie
    One of the ways I’ve been coping is by volunteering my time and skills to sew reusable masks for healthcare workers with a team of designers and stitchers on behalf of Out Front Theatre Company. It feels good to know that I’m helping from the safety of my home!

  • Courtesy of @jaxdance
    I decided to choreograph a dance propaganda film promoting healthy habits during the COVID-19 pandemic. We had zoom rehearsals to create the movement and block the camera angles, and each dancer filmed on their phones. It was a very different type of creative process!

  • Courtesy of @triplestepstudios
    In lieu of our planned Shim Sham workshop this month, we have created a virtual one! Watch in-depth breakdown of the Shim Sham at our Youtube channel, and finetune your moves-throughout the end of April. You can send us back a video of your Shim Sham, and we will give you personalized feedback for free!

  • Courtesy of @canicolornowstudios
    Painting has kept me sane. It is a way for me to slow down, to pause, to reconnect to my breath, and to lose myself in the image I am creating. It’s not about finishing or accomplishing. It’s just about enjoying the colors and textures of this new world.

April 1, 2020

Volume 1 Issue 1


All of our writers who make up our Editorial Board are volunteers from our Writing Committee. If you are interested in writing for Promenade, please email your interest to

Julie Galle Baggenstoss is a scholar and frequent lecturer in the field of flamenco history and culture. She has an M.A. in Spanish from Georgia State University, where she analyzed flamenco through the lens of Spanish history, literature, and linguistics. She is the Executive Director of A Través, 501c3, dedicated to flamenco arts in the state of Georgia, and she is a founder of the Atlanta Flamenco Festival. In addition to performing and working with students in grades K-12 as a teaching artist, Julie teaches flamenco at Emory University.

Credit: Walter Apps

Laura (Leo) Briggs is an Atlanta-based dance artist. They received a B.A. in Dance & Movement Studies from Emory University in 2019. As a performer, Laura has worked with Nathan Griswold of Fly on a Wall, Okwae A. Miller and Artists, and Benji Stevenson. Their latest independent work, Search History, premiered at Fall for Fall Dance Festival in August 2020. A collaborative duet with artist Ethan Brasseaux, Search History investigates the uniquely queer experience of discovering one’s history and culture on the Internet.

Ashley Gibson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Kennesaw State University. During her time at KSU, she performed with the KSU Dance Company, working with renowned individuals such as Christine Welker and McCree O’Kelley. She is a current faculty member at both Studio Go and the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education. Ashley is also a freelance writer in the Atlanta community and contributes to DIYdancer. When she’s not dancing or teaching, she enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors.

Robin Wharton is a writer working in Atlanta, Georgia. She studied dance at the School of American Ballet and the Pacific Northwest Ballet School, and she was a member of Tulane University’s Newcomb Dance Company. She holds a law degree and a PhD in English, both from the University of Georgia.


Emma Bausback holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology/ Dance and Bachelor of the Arts in Theatre and Drama from Indiana University.  After undergrad Emma danced as an apprentice with Jose Limon Dance Company before transitioning into the medical field. She found her way to Atlanta after receiving her Doctorate in physical therapy from The University of St Augustine. While working in outpatient therapy on a daily basis, she also works with Broadway tours and local theatres providing concierge PT to the artists and crews.

Maile Griffeth is an Atlanta based dancer currently dancing with ImmerseAtl. She is a junior in highschool with plans to pursue cultural anthropology and linguistics in college. Maile is interested in the intersection of culture, language, movement, and dance. 

Jacob Lavoie is a maker, performance artist, and educator. In his work, he has a special interest in exploring the extremes within human gesture, the avant-garde, and using the body as the primary vehicle for storytelling. Jacob graduated Summa Cum Laude from Keene State College in May 2019 with a B.A. in Theatre and Dance with dual concentrations in Dance: Choreography and Performance and Theatre Arts: Directing.

Edward McNally is a lifelong patron of the dance and theatre arts in Atlanta, having served as an advisor or board member for Fly On A Wall, Zoetic Dance Ensemble, 7 Stages Theatre, PushPush Theatre and the Atlanta Fringe Festival, among others. “Scenes & Motions”, his regular podcast / monthly column about the performing arts appears in Creative Loafing. Edward has also appeared on stage as one of the dancers in gloATL’s “Cloth/Tower” featuring ASO Artistic Director Robert Spano.

Katie Watkins is a performer, choreographer, poet, and educator from Metro Atlanta. Currently, she is pursuing a B.A. Dance and B.A. English double major from Brenau University and is working as one of DanceATL’s 2021 Summer Interns. For two years, she has served as Editor-In-Chief of The Elixir, Brenau University’s student-run Literary & Arts Magazine. In her two years at Brenau, Katie has been cast in concert dance works by choreographers such as Nicholas Palmquist, Allyne Gartrell, and Xavier Lewis.