NWD Projects Presents the 4th Annual National Water Dance on April 18, 2020, 4PM EST

Courtesy of National Water Dance


Media Contact: 
Jacquelyn Pritz

WHAT: 4th Bi-Annual National Water Dance
WHEN: Saturday, April 18, 4pm EST (performances will be live streamed)
WHERE: Atlanta, GA
TICKETS: Free & Open to the Public

VISUALS: 2018 performance video

Atlanta, GA—DanceATL Incorporated is excited to join NWD Projects in assembling a movement choir of over 2,000 dancers for the 4th Annual National Water Dance on Saturday, April 18 at 4pm EST. We are joining dancers from 38 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico to dance for our lives in a simultaneous digital dance performance. From Seattle to Atlanta, Maine to Florida participants are joining together to delight in and take responsibility for protecting our environment and call attention to climate change. 

National Water Dance is an artist-driven collective of dancers, students, educators, and community members who create simultaneous performances across the country. Our focus for this year’s performance, which falls on the centennial of women winning their right to vote and an election year, is climate change. We invite everyone from every corner of our country to come dance with us—to be accountable for our environment and bring us back into balance with this precious planet that we all call home. In the months leading up to the performance, dancers embody the collective spirit of our movement by weaving into their own choreography a shared movement phrase at the beginning and end of their unique dance.

Originally intended to perform at Paces Mill off the Chattahoochee River, due to COVID-19 DanceATL’s performance will now engage in a collective Zoom conference to be recorded and posted on DanceATL’s Instagram, Facebook, and website. Atlanta participants who would like to join can email Jacquelyn Pritz at info@danceatl.org for information. DanceATL welcomes movers of all ages and abilities. 

“Posting a solo dance on a livestream can be intimidating for some, so to encourage participation and to still feel that unifying feeling that National Water Dance is all about we decided a Zoom call was the best performance route,” said Pritz. “That way, we are still dancing with each other in Atlanta and with the knowledge that we’re dancing with others nationwide.”

National Water Dance expresses the best of who we are through the collective spirit of the movement choir: it is a celebration of art through one of the most rigorous art forms—dance. Uniting through dance and celebrating community—from urban to rural areas, from the subtropics to the snowy north—we acknowledge our interconnectivity to our environment and the shared concerns we have for its preservation, using the power of artistic expression to reimagine our future. 

The mission of NWD Projects, Inc. is to produce and present quality artistic productions and to promote dance as a voice for environmental awareness through collaboration with the educational and environmental communities. Visit our website at nwdprojects.org to learn more.