National Water Dance 2020

Photo courtesy of National Water Dance

Dancing For Our Lives

April 18, 2020
4pm EST
Social media

DanceATL’s participation in National Water Dance is going digital!

We’re still dancing! National Water Dance is moving forward with online only performances on April 18th and we’re sharing our dances on social media. Dancers will live stream themselves wherever they are at 4PM EST on April 18th, collectively embodying our connection to each other, the earth, and the water that sustains us all. 

“National Water Dance is first and foremost a Movement Choir—a collective body of dancers and movers physically engaged in drawing attention to and action on water issues. For 2020 our focus is on the climate crisis.

We believe in the power of dance as a means to somatic empathy—Dance speaks to the physical connection we have with ourselves as ecological systems existing in community with all other systems. We understand that in order to save the Earth we must first recognize that we are in interdependence with all living things. National Water Dance is creating a community of dancers that reestablishes our connection with each other.”

All dancers are welcome to participate, meaning all levels, styles, and ages are accepted!
If you plan on dancing with us, please join our Facebook group for updates. 

Zoom Rehearsals:

*click on the date for the corresponding Zoom meeting links
Zoom is free to download and to create an account.

Sunday, March 29 at 10:30am-12noon 
Sunday, April 5 at 10:30am-12noon
Saturday, April 11 at 4-5pm
Thursday, April 15 at 5:15-6pm

Rehearsal clip to opening gesture phrase
Rehearsal clip to closing gesture phrase
3/29 rehearsal recording
4/5 rehearsal recording

Social Media:

Livesteam from your Facebook or Instagram your solo performance by a river, in your backyard, in the bathtub, in a kiddy pool, by a lake, by a puddle of water, etc… Make sure to tag @danceatlanta @nationalwaterdance and use #nwdatlanta #nationalwaterdance

Email from National Dance Projects below:

WE ARE STILL DANCING! Wherever you are on April 18 at 4:00PM EST, alone or self-quarantining or with a small group in an open space, we will begin with the shared gesture and end with the shared gesture and your personal movement will fill in the middle.

We are fortunate to be living in the digital age – as we are asked to observe *“physical distancing,” we are able to close that distance by linking together through social media.

This challenge is forcing us to re-evaluate what we are doing and how we are doing it. Let’s find that deeper meaning in our dance, whether in a group or alone. We can dance wherever we are and livestream it on Instagram and Facebook.

More than ever the world needs our hope and energy. Let’s move forward together and flood the social media networks with our dances on April 18th.
*Vladimir Angelov’s suggested replacement for social distancing. Executive Director of International Consortium for Advancement in Choreography, Inc.

National Water Dance’s CDC (Center for Dances Continuing) Recommendations 🙂
  • Dance from any corner you can to express our collective spirit and energy as National Water Dance continues to advocate for the environment.
  • Join us in our social media campaign which will continue under Elsa Robert’s guidance, our social media guide. More instructions to come!
  • Don’t give up! It’s a time to make your kitchen dances, your backyard dances, your bedroom dances, and bathroom dances and dance in solidarity.
  • Meet your audiences online. Even as theaters close and events are cancelled our audiences are waiting for us on the internet.
  • Share this with your dancers!!!

Credit: Cecily Davis