January is National Choreography Month

NACHMO (National Choreography Month) is held every January and is a social media driven program that posts daily movement composition prompts throughout the month, supports local artists as they create work throughout the month, and also host community building movement centric events across the US. It is an all inclusive platform that encourages new work and/or pushes current work and is a great creative way to start the new year.

Participants can build a new full length work, dance film, or take part just for fun. All participants are encouraged to video and post themselves completing the prompts to share what they are doing, as well as apply to present their work at the NACHMO Atlanta 2020 Showcase held February 15th. It’s a great way to build positive and creative connections within your community, as well as with other NACHMO participants around the US.

Click here to register for NACHMO.

Participate online

1.  Follow NACHMO and NACHMO Atlanta to see the daily prompts
NACHMO @nachmodance
NACHMO Atlanta @nachmo.atl

2. Post your video and tag NACHMO, NACHMO Atlanta, DanceATL, and Fly On A Wall
DanceATL @danceatlanta
Fly On A Wall @flyona_wall

3. Use the hashtags #nachmodance #nachmoatlanta #nachmo2020 #dailyprompt

It’s not too late to participate!
Day 1: State your name and post a fun dance photo!
Day 2: Think of the first dance piece you ever observed. Improvise based on that memory.
Day 3: Find an object to act as a prop that can hold your weight. Create a phrase sharing weight with the prop.

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Want to try NACHMO with other people before participating on your own? Get your feet wet and come to the Discover Workshop.

Discover Workshop

Sunday, January 5
The Windmill Arts Center, 2823 Church St, East Point, GA 30344

This event is free. 

Whether you have participated in NACHMO for the past few years or NACHMO 2020 will be your first experience, NACHMO Atlanta Discover will assist you in starting off the new decade moving and creating. Come research and workshop with us to kick-off NACHMO!


Friday, January 17
The Windmill Arts Center, 2823 Church St, East Point, GA 30344

 There will be live music and painting, as well as light refreshments and snacks. Later in the evening, watch a film of NACHMO participants from around the United States.

NACHMO Atlanta 2020 Showcase

NACHMO participants can build a new full length work, build on a work already in process, create a dance film, or take part just for fun. NACHMO Atlanta would like to create an all inclusive space for artists to showcase what they have built throughout the month with their community. The showcase will be held the evening of February 15th. We welcome and encourage all to apply.

There is a $5 application fee that will support the production of this event. The application fee link will be available in the confirmation message once you submit your application.

The deadline to submit your application is January 20th.
All applicants will be notified of application status and results January 24th.

Click here to sign up for the showcase.

Support NACHMO Atlanta

Click here to purchase your own NACHMO Atlanta tote bag! Use it to carry groceries, make it your dance bag, or a fun conversation starter. Most importantly, support your local movement artists as they create work throughout January for NACHMO!
Tori Vincent is the Regional Director of NACHMO Atlanta. If you have NACHMO-specific questions, please email Tori at torivvincent@gmail.com.