Filmmaker/Choreographer Opportunity

Please see details below for the following filmmaker/choreographer opportunity passed along from Patton White

Quinn Orear from SCAD is teaching a graduate level directing/cinematography class this summer and had the idea to collaborate with choreographers and dancers in making dance films as their course work in the class. Below is the outline of what Quinn is proposing:

“With regard to the specifics of my class, it is a graduate-level Directing/Cinematography class called “Designing the Shot.” The class begins June 18th and will have 16 students enrolled. Ideally, I am thinking of using these films as the students’ midterm assignments. My ideal scenario is that each student will find a choreographer / dancer(s) with whom they can collaborate in devising a 3 – 5 minute dance film.

A potential timeline would be:

JUNE 20 – Filmmaker / Choreographer mixer event JUNE 27 – Formalization of Conceptual, Aesthetic, & Logistical Approach JUNE 28 – JULY 15: Shoot (1-2 days) JULY 18: Rough cuts AUGUST 1: Final Cuts”

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email me at and I will connect you with Quinn.