october, 2019

24oct9:00 am5:00 pmVirgin Voyages Open Dance Call - Atlanta, GA

Event Details

FOR Sam Pinkleton & Ani Taj, The 7 Fingers, Randy Weiner productions onboard Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady


TYPE Open call

DATE Thursday, October 24, 2019

TIME Female Identifying, Male Identifying and Non-Binary Dancers: Sign-in begins at 9AM.

LOCATION Dance 411

475 Moreland Ave SE

Atlanta, GA 30316


Seeking magnetic, playful, dynamic, rockstar dancers for three shows onboard Virgin Voyages’ inaugural ship, the Scarlet Lady:

Sam Pinkleton & Ani Taj’s UNTITLED DANCESHOWPARTYTHING, a hype music video disguised as an absurdist style dance party.

The 7 Fingers’ SHIPS IN THE NIGHT, an emotion-filled contemporary experience telling its story through the use of cutting-edge digital projection interwoven with the authenticity of the human condition.

Randy Weiner’s ANOTHER ROSE, a dinner party that combines theater, dance, variety, music, intimate moments, and a multicourse meal, hosted by an alluring and free-spirited Chanteuse who encourages guests to explore new relationships and engage with one another in unique and daring ways.


Rehearsals in NYC, Worldwide itineraries

4-5 months at sea

Performer minimum $900/week

No traditional cruise staff duties

Travel and lodging provided

FREE wifi onboard for browsing and messaging


We are just as interested in the comprehensive representation of a diverse humanity as we are in finding exceptional talent when casting our ground-breaking entertainment for Virgin Voyages. So, if you think you don’t fit the breakdown, SHOW UP. You think you’re the wrong size, color, gender…whatever, YOU’RE NOT. WE WANT YOU. SHOW UP, show us your stuff and LET’S HAVE SOME FUN.


We are looking to assemble a unique company of nine electric dancers/physical performers with wildly diverse body types, backgrounds, and individual styles. All dancers must be comfortable learning technical and rigorous choreography across a spectrum of styles, improvising, performing in close proximity to and among audience members, and cutting loose on the dance floor. This is not a “dance ensemble” so much as it is a group of principal dancers who bring their own personalities and superpowers to the group (but are just as comfortable popping in and out of unison). It is in the nature of this show to sculpt and adapt to individual strengths and talents, however the following breakdown provides a guideline for particular skills/qualities that are needed for each track:

PERSON 1 – Female or Nonbinary dancer with basic aerial experience.

PERSON 2 – Male or Nonbinary dancer with voguing and tutting experience.

PERSON 3 – Female or Nonbinary dancer with experience in samba and/or dancing in heels.

PERSON 4 – Excellent and versatile male or nonbinary contemporary dancer and confident improviser.

PERSONS 5 6 – Excellent and versatile contemporary female or nonbinary dancers who are comfortable with text comedy.

PERSONS, 7, 8, 9 – Excellent and versatile dancers of any gender who are comfortable with text, comedy, and up-close audience interactions.


DANCER 1/LEAD, Male or Non-Binary- Medium build, strong contemporary, must be capable of baselifts, but also be lifted. Aerial work. Strong physical theater/acting.

DANCER 2, Male or Non-Binary– Medium build, strong contemporary, must be capable of base lifts but also be lifted. Aerial work. Strong physical theater/acting (swing for lead).

DANCER 3, Male or Non-Binary- Medium/large/extra large build, contemporary and/or hip hop/break, acro/tumbling and base minor lifts.

DANCER 4, Male or Non-Binary– Medium/small build, contemporary, acro/tumbling, base minor lifts, but also be lifted.

DANCER 5, Male or Non-Binary- Medium/small build, hip hop/break, acro/tumbling, be capable of base minor lifts, but also be lifted.

DANCER 6/LEAD, Female or Non-Binary– Medium/small build, strong contemporary, must be capable of base lifts but also be lifted, aerial work. Strong physical theater/acting.

DANCER 7, Female or Non-Binary – Medium/small build, strong contemporary, must base lifts but also be lifted, aerial work. Strong physical theater/acting. (swing for lead).

DANCER 8, Female or Non-Binary – Small build, contemporary and/or hip hop/break, (acro/tumbling), base minor lifts.

DANCER 9, Female or Non-Binary – Medium/large/extra large build, contemporary and/or hip hop/break, capable of base minor lifts.


SOFIA – Female – 20-30s – actor/dancer – our leading lady – the protected princess, wide-eyed, shy but very curious, has always been a rule follower but has an itch, hasn’t had many opportunities to take charge.

INDIGO – Male – 25-35 – actor/dancer – a very wealthy prince – striking feminine features, beautiful, hypnotic and magnetic, very open, wise and thoughtful, a listener.

TORRIN – Male – able to read as 25-40 – actor/dancer – a working class palace guard –  strong and commanding, rough around the edges but very playful. Flirty, mischievous, often in charge and not easily surprised.

FIVE GUARDS – Female, Male or Non-Binary – actor/dancer – the core dance ensemble, must be strong contemporary dancers. Powerful and striking presence. Strong sense of body in space. Good comedic timing. Immersive performance experience a plus. Ideally some dance ensemble members would have parkour, tumbling abilities. And some would be strong vocalists to swing into other roles.

All performers should be proficient in English.
All performers should be 21 or older.

PREPARATION Be prepared to learn several dance combinations. Wear clothes and shoes that you love dancing in and that allows you to move in a broad range of styles.  They don’t have to include a leotard or tights.  Don’t wear character shoes.  Performers should be game to perform in 360 degrees and engage and speak to audience members in close proximity.  Bring two (2) copies of your headshot/resume.  Be prepared to stay for a performance callback.


(Thursday) 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Dance 411

475 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30316


RWS Entertainment Group212-391-1795 34-01 38th Ave Suite 302 Long Island City, NY 11101