june, 2024

23jun2:00 pm3:30 pmThe ChrysalisLyrric Jackson Dance Company

Event Details

The Lyrric Jackson Dance Company, in Collaboration with Renowned Artists Kyoko Takeuchi, Presents One-Day Gallery and Performance Art Installation, “The Chrysalis”


On Sunday June 23, 2024, the B-Complex in Atlanta, Georgia, will host a unique and captivating one-day event featuring the acclaimed visual artist Kyoko Takeuchi alongside dynamic performance art installations by the Lyrric Jackson Dance Company. This collaboration promises an immersive experience, blending the worlds of visual art and dance to offer audiences a multi-sensory journey through the life cycle of a butterfly, ultimately unveiling a story of transformation and resilience. 


Kyoko Takeuchi’s artistry encapsulates the essence of life’s transitions, using intricate patterns, shapes, and the symbolic use of gold to convey the emotions and stories embedded within the natural world. Her forthcoming exhibition at the B-Complex will offer viewers an opportunity to delve into her world of wonder and contemplation, where each brushstroke tells a tale of  existence and evolution. Complementing Takeuchi’s visual narrative, the Lyrric Jackson Dance Company will weave a tapestry of movement and expression throughout the gallery space.

“The Chrysalis” features new work from a talented lineup of choreographers, including team members Lyrric Jackson, Aryanna Allen, Jasmine Newsome, Victoria Woodward, and Mya Butler, as well as guest artists Patsy Collins and Graham Shelor. Together, they will tell the story of five young caterpillars as they journey through the chrysalis toward their destiny as butterflies. The dancers will explore themes of rebirth, renewal, and resplendent glory through their ethereal emergence and delicate precision.


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