march, 2023

24marAll Day09aprFilmFest by Rogue Dancer: FEELz editionFFXRD: March 2023)

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FilmFest by Rogue Dancer: FEELz (March 2023)
March 24 – April 9, 2023

There are times you just don’t know how to express the rumblings of the heart, the nagging of thought with no words, the tantrum, the happy (or was it a sad tear). Sometimes it is all too overwhelming to sort and pride and joy are difficult to contain. It’s confusing to untangle whether you should say something or keep it to yourself. Feelings are hard to grow, nurture and mature but worth the time. Ironic to try and tame an infant when the child inside just wants to curl up in a ball or jump off a swing with a death-defying arch.
Join us this month as we explore moving through the FEELz.

Also join us for a Special PATREON ONLY Screening of:
HUMANO SER film by Juan Federico Santucho (c) 2022

Featured DANCE Filmmakers:
Juan Federico Santucho (ARGENTINA)
Martyna Maja Sikonczyk (UK)
Peter Svenzon (SWEDEN)
Sue Schroeder, Adam Larsen & Judd Greenstein (USA)
Jennifer Salter (USA)
Siam Obregón & Kyana Lyne (CANADA)
Kyana Lyne (CANADA)
Clara Silveira, Java Orlando (BRAZIL)
Liudmila Komrakova (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
Carl Coomer (USA)
Lindsay Fisher Viatori (USA)
Botis Seva & Ben Williams (UK)
Ben Mosca (USA)
Kristen Jorden (USA)
Jose Velasquez (USA)



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