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FilmFest by Rogue Dancer: 2 Close edition (Jan 2023)

January 20 – February 5, 2023


It has been a long road since that time we thought everything was alright and
safe.  Politics forgetting its public
service, pandemic, war, depressed teens, no touching, no smiling, trying to
identify people by their eyebrows, isolating, dysfunctional bi-solating, comfy
TV watching pants all the time and no live DANCE class.  As we learn how to people again and feel
normal… everything is still 2 Close. The healing process requires
the vulnerability of opening our hearts again.

DANCE Filmmakers:

Douglas Rosenberg (USA)

Megan Chu (USA)

Thérèse Lynch (UK)

Ben Ruesser & Blake

Luca Di Bartolo (ITALY)

Irishia Hubbard (USA)

Robin L. Bisio (USA)

Tina Kambour (USA)

Andy Noble (USA)

Gina Ann Margillo (USA)

Alicia Ross

Jaime Dezcaller (SPAIN)

Jagoda Turlik (POLAND)

Ombline Noyer & Mauricio

Clara Vieira Silveira

Ali Kenner Brodsky & Jarret Blinkhorn

Carl Flink (USA)

Nathan Balser (USA)

Nicola Zambelli (ITALY)

Patrick Ogelvie & Alyona
Amato (USA)


Also join us
for a Special PATREON ONLY Screening of:

Wherever you
go, there you are SUBTITLED film by Nicola Zambelli (c) 2018 ITALY



FilmFest by Rogue Dancer is a DANCE film festival that
offers a monthly curated on-line screening exclusively for DANCE Films. Each
month Dance films are elegantly sorted into unexpected themes. We are committed
to serving the DANCE community and to ensuring that wonderful DANCE movie
projects from across the globe can be seen and appreciated by as wide an
audience as possible.


January 20 (Friday) - February 5 (Sunday)


Rogue Dancer Productionseditor@roguedancer.org

Virtual Event Details

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