july, 2022

22jul6:30 pm9:30 pmDance Documentary ScreeningFIVE STORIES, A Dance Documentary

Event Details

Shoccara Marcus, representing a diverse spectrum of creative talent, is a proud recipient of an A&E Grant (Arts & Entertainment Atlanta Grant) for the creation of a new dance documentary focusing on Black pioneers of dance in Atlanta. Atlanta has long been a city of diversity, culture, and a rich history which can be traced down to something as specific as a street. Say a neighborhood, or a park, or a region of Atlanta and everyone you talk to will have a memory or story that has been passed down through their family. FIVE STORIES, the documentary, is finally here! One Night only! This documentary is the first of a series exploring the evolution of the first black dance studios in Atlanta, Georgia.Motivated by her own Atlanta Dance memories, dancer and photographer Shoccara Marcus will take you on a journey down memory lane. What is the impact of black artists in Atlanta? You will soon discover the significance of the first Black studio owners in the Atlanta dance community and what impact the dance community had on the community at large. FIVE STORIES is a series of interviews with studio owners, directors, and individuals that danced in the companies and dance studios highlighted. The story of the five black studio owners aims to bring awareness to their history, their struggles and their reason for being a force in the arts community. Taking place in the revitalized Underground Atlanta on Friday, July 22nd, at 6pm, this night is not to be missed. At this moment our black dance history is incomplete because this story hasn’t been told in Atlanta. The fabric of our tapestry is missing important pieces which we must discover for ourselves. We will travel from the suburbs to downtown to learn about the historical evolution of Black Dance Studios in Atlanta. Discover which studios are still standing, even after the pandemic, while honoring those who have gone on to become ancestors. This is not a night to miss! A night of legends! A night of history! www.shocphoto.com


Shoccara Marcus & Tamara Irvingtamara@tmidesignconsulting.com