Dealing with Injuries

Atlanta Physical Therapists

Atlanta Dance Medicine – “Atlanta Dance Medicine is the partnership of two Atlanta-based performing arts physical therapists, Emma Faulkner PT, DPT and Mandy Blackmon PT, DPT. Together, with their team of medical and fitness professionals, they support the Atlanta dance community, provide health, rehabilitation, and wellness resources for dancers, and assist in the training of health practitioners to better understand the field of dance medicine.”

Body-N-Balance Studio – “At Body-N-Balance, we treat the physical demands of dancers at every age. Our therapists and instructors have dance backgrounds, and provide the highest level of care through individualized fitness programs.”

Proteus Fitness Dancer Resources – Physical Therapists, Pilates instructors, and Nutritionists specializing in dancers

Tri Health Physical Therapy – “Providing high-quality physical therapy, specific training and consulting services to the growing performing arts community in the Atlanta metro area.”

The Bridge Dance Project Resources

Top 10 injuries of competition dancers + strategies to avoid injury and best recovery practice – Erika Mayall who is a physiotherapist at Allegro Performance + Wellness and member of IADMS & BDP discusses the top dance injuries seen in competition dancers, strategies for how to avoid injuries and best practices for recovery.

If only I knew! – An Article, “written for competition dancers and their teachers, on why incorporating dance medicine and science information is so important.”  

Basic Injury Prevention 

Common Dance Injuries & Important Prevention Tips– Johns Hopkins Medicine

The 6 New Injury Prevention Rules – Dance Magazine

Dancing- Preventing Injury Reducing the risk of dance injuries, dance injury risk factors, common dance injuries, what to do if you injure yourself while dancing, where to get help, things to remember

How to Prevent Dance Related Injuries – Ortho Bethesda

Proteus Fitness

Massage Therapy & Masseuses

Atlanta Sports Recovery – Offer soft tissue treatment, orthopedic rehab, chiropractic adjustments and more.

Athletic Edge Sports Massage – Help athletes achieve their goals via Sports Massage/Cupping/Graston and Stretching.

B-RIght ATL Sports Massage– Deep tissue massage, cupping, stretching, and Graston Technique. Brand Nguyen Hilton was a professional dancer with Atlanta Ballet, Orlando Ballet and Cirque du Soleil. Most recently [he] performed in South Korea for the Winter Olympics and [has] done projects for Elton John and Chaka Khan.

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