DanceATL Intern Experience

Rabia Kang and Emma Dean are working on their internship at East Pole Coffee Company. They are smiling at the camera with their laptops in front of them.

Nisha Srinivas, Spring 2022
University of Hartford

I will always cherish my experience with DanceATL. The culture of DanceATL is encouraging, supportive and inclusive. Throughout my internship I gained new skills (e.g. Mailchimp and Canva), expanded my knowledge, and was exposed to many wonderful opportunities. This internship has not only allowed me to grow, but confirmed that the performing arts industry is my future. I am truly grateful to have worked with Jacque, Patsy and the whole Spring 2022 team. DanceATL is a fantastic and I look forward to maintaining my connection with the organization.

Kealy Griffin, Spring 2022
Shenandoah University

My internship with DanceATL really gave me the space to grow both personally and professionally. Throughout the semester, they really prioritized my professional development and made sure that I have the foundation that I need to succeed in arts administration. Thanks to this internship, I have made connections and collaborated with people in the Atlanta dance community that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to work with. This internship truly shaped my path and has given me the confidence I need to thrive in arts administration. I am sad that my time with DanceATL is coming to an end, but I am forever grateful for the connections and experiences that I have made this semester. DanceATL now holds a special place in my heart and I intend to carry the skills that I’ve learned from my experience with me throughout my career!

Rabia Kang, Fall 2021
Emory University

I am extremely grateful for having the amazing opportunity to intern with DanceATL this fall. This internship has helped me with personal growth such as with confidence, and acquire new skills directly applicable to an arts administration career path. I am very lucky to have encountered this uncommon opportunity in working with arts administration and nonprofits as a college student; coming out of this internship, I have solidified my interests in pursuing a related career. Being in Atlanta myself, I have also become more knowledgeable and connected with the local dance and arts community, and I look forward to continuing my involvement with DanceATL and applying what I have learned to future experiences!

Grace Griffin, Fall 2021
Belmont University

The things I have learned and experiences I have had during this internship will be valuable to me in my future, both in my career and in my personal life. I have gained knowledge and skills in practical aspects like technology, virtual communication, Canva, Mailchimp, and WordPress. This will be useful in future jobs (and look great on my resume!) The connections I have built and knowledge I have gleaned from the Dance ATL staff, as well as the other interns, will be applicable to my life in general. In addition, my work on Promenade has helped me realize my interest in journalism, and has inspired me to pursue similar projects in the future

Kiera O’Reilly, Fall 2021

One thing I say most often when speaking about being an intern for DanceATL has been the immense gratitude I feel for this organization for helping me meet exactly the people I knew I wanted to meet and connect with here in Atlanta–and the community is ever-expanding! Having only moved to Atlanta a week before the internship started this Fall, I felt grounded and prepared to explore and seek out new opportunities–and a network that I felt connected to. DanceATL helped me do just that. 

I am also amazed at the skill set I have learned since starting this internship, and I feel inspired to build upon and expand those skills moving forward. Jacque, Patsy, and the whole team at DanceATL have been so kind, supportive, and generous. I feel incredibly grateful, and I can’t wait to stay connected with this organization and the folks I’ve met.

Emily Wilbourne, Fall 2021
Elon University

Interning with DanceATL has been a wonderful experience that has provided me with so much opportunity to learn and collaborate. The tangible opportunities to stretch my skills in website design, event management, and marketing have been really valuable and rewarding. In completing projects and assisting with event programming, the DanceATL internship, led by Jacque, the operations manager, gave me the perfect balance of freedom and support. Throughout the semester Jacque was a supportive, helpful, and approachable supervisor who created a great environment for intern learning. 

It was a joy to work alongside five other interns during the Fall 2021 semester and I think the environment created by this organization allowed each of us to thrive as individuals and as a team. I’ve been able to develop my skills in communication, organization, and – especially – collaboration! In future positions, I’m looking forward to applying all I learned from working with DanceATL.

Lexie Walker, Fall 2021
University of Georgia

My experience with the DanceATL internship was full of learning, growth, and encouragement. I feel prepared for my future career path and have added many hard skills to my resume including WordPress, Canva, and drafting an Annual Report. The workplace environment cultivated is vibrant, fun, and easygoing. Pushed out of my comfort zone enough to grow while being set up for success. I’m so proud to have served on the Fall 2021 team and can’t wait to see this organization grow.

“I will cherish my experience at DanceATL for years to come and be able to apply all the skills I used in future experiences.”

— Emma Dean, Fall 2021 Intern

Emma Dean, Fall 2021
University of Alabama

I loved my experience working for DanceATL as an intern this semester. Jacque and all the other interns were so supportive and encouraging and I learned so many important and beneficial skills during the semester. Growing up as a dancer in the Atlanta community, I loved getting to be more knowledgeable about what was going on in the Atlanta dance scene and getting to meet so many incredible artists. This internship also encouraged me to be more understanding and knowledgeable in the workplace. I will cherish my experience at DanceATL for years to come and be able to apply all the skills I used in future experiences.

(from left to right) Patsy Collins, Katie Watkins, Jacque Pritz, and Ansley Carr stand for a picture together after taking an ALA Dance class.

Ansley Carr, Summer 2021
University of Alabama

The DanceATL internship experience provides an enjoyable structure that includes learning skills that are applicable to future career paths as well as using your available skills to help the community. It has helped me become more independent, confident, and considerate in the workplace. Additionally, becoming more involved with the Atlanta dance community has been amazing and has helped connect me with wonderful mentors and other artists. Collaborating with the other interns is a great experience and helps to expand the view on arts administration as a whole.

Gabrielle Stearns, Summer 2021
Emory University

I loved spending my summer learning and building on skills with the DanceATL team. This internship strikes the perfect balance between structured and flexible and gave me the independence to pursue projects on my own. My network of Atlanta dance professionals expanded this summer because of the opportunities I was given to meet and collaborate with DanceATL members and staff. I learned many new skills while also discovering how the skills and experiences I already had could be an asset to arts administration and nonprofits.

Grace Getsinger, Summer 2021
Oglethorpe University

My time interning for DanceATL means so much to me. The environment is one of support and accountability, which enables it to facilitate the growth that all of the interns experience. I was connected with so many members of the Atlanta dance community, and learned about the opportunities that are here in Atlanta. After this internship I feel more confident in my communication and organization skills, and I feel prepared to take on the nonprofit sector and Arts Administration field.

Katie Watkins, Summer 2021
Brenau University

The DanceATL internship has pushed me into an amazing time of self-discovery and connection. This summer has helped me discover new goals for my future career and provided me with actionable steps to get where I want to go. As a writer, performer, and aspiring arts administrator, my work with DanceATL has served my growth in each of these areas. After this internship, I am walking away with marketable skills and valuable relationships with other professionals in the field, as well as writing, social media, and website content that I can add to my portfolio.

Stephanie Weis (left) and Rose Sebaugh (right) sharing their internship experience with their peers at UGA. They are standing in front of a projection of a powerpoint presentation in a theater space. Behind them are black curtains and grey marley.

Rose Sebaugh, Spring 2021

My experience as a DanceATL intern was one of growth, learning, and mentorship. I have acquired countless skills because of this experience, and these range from general networking, communication, and administration skills to more specific specialties like Mailchimp, Canva, and WordPress. This internship pushed me outside of my comfort zone while also providing me with the guidance and resources necessary to be successful and confident in my work.

DanceATL also equipped me with an entirely new pool of incredible creators and innovators, and I am honored to have been able to observe and work with such a talented and inspiring group of individuals. Jacque served as an empowering and approachable manager of the DanceATL team, and I have learned so much from her leading example. I could not be more grateful for my time as a DanceATL intern, and I am excited to continue participating in the DanceATL community as a new member!

Stephanie Weis, Spring 2021

The opportunity to intern for DanceATL has been an experience where I can continue to take the knowledge I learned here and apply it elsewhere. Jacque, the operations manager, creates an inclusive space for interns to feel comfortable with trying new things. While I had some prior knowledge on managing social media, I feel that both Patsy and Jacque gave me the ability to learn the meticulous details that go into managing all forms of social media, and changed my perspective on the different ways to keep followers engaged. Working with DanceATL, I learned how to use Canva, Mailchimp, and WordPress, and I developed a new sense of direction about what I want to pursue in my life.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to balance all of my assignments and life around me when I accepted this internship in my final semester of college, but the encouraging workplace environment, combined with my eagerness to try new things, ultimately motivated me to the finish line. Though the internship did go by fast, I feel really lucky to have been able to work with such an amazing group of people who are constantly supportive of all thoughts and ideas.