COVID-19 Resource: Livestream your dance class

Due to COVID-19, dance companies and schools are taking their classes online to encourage dancers to continue their training, offer an outlet while at home, and generate revenue to in hopes to stay open post-pandemic.

For artists interested in live streaming your own classes, we offer some information on the variety of platforms and tips for success.

What should I use to live stream?


Price: Free for meetings up to 40 minutes up to 100 participants; Pro plan for $14.99/mo allows for longer classes and larger class size
Pro: You can see and engage with dancers; With the pro plan, you can record the class and post the video file
Con: Dancers will need the zoom meeting link to log in, Dancers will need to create a free zoom acocunt

-To avoid the screen from switching away from you, pin your own screen.
-Go to video settings and check to see if your mirror image box is checked or not
-Mute all participants while instructing
-Go to gallery view to see all of your participant’s videos at once
-Can be used on desktop or on mobile, more control capability on desktop
-Don’t forget to hit “record” if you plan to do so. The file will convert once the class ends
-If recording, use speaker view when demonstrating so viewers who watch later can see your screen the largest

Instagram Live

Price: Free with Instagram account
What is Instagram Live?
Pro: Followers will get instantly notified when you go ‘live’
Con: You can’t see participants and give corrections; if saved to stories, only available for 24 hours post-class; followers can only watch on their mobile devices (small screen); can only livestream on mobile device; cannot play music and livestream from same device

-Announce the time you plan on going live for class
-Since you can only film in portait mode, make sure to have enough space from the camera to remain in frame
-Save the live video to stories to be available 24 hours post-class
-Pin your own comment to describe your class

Facebook Live

Price: Free with Facebook account
Pro: Followers get notified when you go live; saves as a permanent post for followers to watch after
Con: Cannot see participants

Tips from Facebook include having a strong wifi connection and to include a description of your video
-Have the orientation (portrait or landscape) set BEFORE going live if using mobile device, it will not flip if you rotate after the fact
-If you go live from your desktop, use Google Chrome

General Tips:

Test sound, wifi connection/streaming quality, and space set up BEFORE going live to work out any kinks

Engage with live comments

Speak up! Don’t have your music source right next to your streaming device if that prevents followers from hearing you

If you are accepting donations, mention how participants can send you a donation (PayPal, Venmo, etc.)

Make your spatial directions clear. Play with left and right, understanding the mirror-ing effect on the screen. Or play with turning your back to help students understand directions