Atlanta Showguide

How about we help you get the word out on your performances & classes in the 2019 Dance ShowGuide?
This issue will be available 90,000 print copies via 44 arts venues along with dance studios & workshops throughout greater Atlanta  2/14-4/28.
Here’s our full package along with discounted rates.

-Spotlight ( Examples attached) + Weblinks via Dance ShowGuide to your site + Performance Listings +  Dance Classes & Workshops Listings + Facebook posts of your Dance Ad & we share posts from your Facebook site on our Facebook site

We would run photos of your company inside the publication.

All this is part of the Dance package that you could have for these discounted ad rates:
1/4 page/$250, 1/2 page /$400, Full page / $800
The deadline is 1/28.
Free ad graphics if needed.
Let us help get the news to your base!

2018 Dance issue for reference