A.M. Collaborative Artists 2023-2024

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Headshot of AK Bayer
ID: A greyscale image of AK, a pale skinned person with freckles across their nose and cheeks, with long light brown hair framing their face. They wear a white collared shirt, stud earrings and a nose hoop.
Photo by Veronica Flemming

AK Bayer (they/them): @akbayerr

AK Bayer is an interdisciplinary artist, professional dancer, writer, and emerging choreographer from Atlanta, GA. After falling in love with creative expression and performance at a young age, AK began training at Atlanta Dance before continuing with Decatur School of Ballet and Decatur City Dance. Living with dysautonomia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a systemic genetic disorder, AK navigates the intricacies of dancing with a dynamic disability. A visual artist as well, AK focuses on mixed media work and illustration. They have been creating art their entire life and love exploring identity through new mediums. AK is passionate about each of their creative pursuits but credits dance as their first love and the driving force behind their other crafts. AK is in their second season as a company member with Full Radius Dance. They have also had the honor of working with local choreographers such as Patton White of Beacon Dance and Meaghan Novoa, as well as Dani Terrell through Velocity Dance Center’s Seattle Festival of Dance & Improvisation.

Headshot of Mya Bresler
A photo in greyscale of Mya, a plae skinned woman with long dark hair and platinum blond bangs looking directly to camera
Photo by Halle Collins

Mya Bresler (she/her): @mya6b

Mya Bresler is a dancer and choreographer who recently graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelors in Dance. While attending KSU, she received training from Lisa Lock, Thang Dao, Sean Nguyen Hilton, and Christine Welker. Growing up, Mya received a majority of her training from Dance and Music Academy in Woodstock, where she now works as a teacher and office assistant. There she trained under artists such as Jillian Mitchell, Natalie Berry, Virginia Hankins, Kelsey Belt, and Kristen Beckler. She has worked with artists such as Heath Gill of Terminus Ballet Theatre as a performer in his choreographic work “Elapse.”

Mya has also choreographed her own works such as “Feminine,” premiered at Kennesaw State, and “Underbelly,” one of 9 pieces out of 28 selected by KSU faculty to be presented in the 2023 Spring Show. She is excited to continue creating her own works and to collaborate with other artists! 

Photo by Marley Carter

Marley Carter (she/her): @marley_floor 

Marley Carter is a dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker born and raised in Santa Monica, California. Growing up she received dance training in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and hip-hop. Through her years of dancing, she has been able to learn directly from dance greats such as Debbie Allen, Yvonne Mounsey, Chloe Arnold, Debra Austin, Tiler Peck, Michelle Dorance, and more. She continued her dance training into college and received two Bachelor of the Arts degrees from San Francisco State University, one in dance and another in cinema. While at college Marley choreographed and produced multiple dance works and films exploring interdisciplinarity dance and reflecting on her journey as a dancer. Since moving to Georgia at the end of 2021, Marley continues to perform, choreograph, and teach. In 2022 she was chosen by Dance Canvas to produce a film for their Dance Canvas on Film showcase titled Program 1.681 and since 2023 is a current City Dance Collective member. 

Headshot of Tzipporah Gerson-Miller
Tzipporah stands against a brick wall with a metal gate to her right. She is a pale skinned woman with dark, full, chin length hair. Her light eyes are rimmed in dark kohl and she wears dangling gold earrings.
Photo by Courtney Lindberg

Tzipporah Gerson-Miller (she/her): @wisewomanembodied

Tzipporah  has been dancing since the age of 3. After receiving her BFA from Florida State University, she spent a decade working as professional dancer, theatre artist, choreographer, and teacher, both nationally and internationally. She spent time studying with The Alvin Ailey School in NYC, and spent a summer studying with the National Dance Company of Jamaica. She is very aware of the mental health challenges performing and visual artists face, therefore loves doing therapeutic work with artists. Currently, Tzipporah divides her time as a mother, a choreographer, and practices as a licensed somatic movement psychotherapist, a certified yoga therapist, and is currently working towards her dance/movement therapy certification.  Tzipporah is also a trained EMDR practitioner. In addition, she has additional training in functional movement, Laban Movement Analysis, and Thai Yoga Massage.  Tzipporah has over 12 years of working in the field of mental health care. Since completing her Masters of Social Work from UGA in 2011, Tzipporah has gained extensive experience working in community mental health clinics, domestic violence shelters, hospitals, and with palliative care. Tzipporah owns a private practice specializing in women’s mental health, where she supports women throughout the lifespan who are living with PTSD/Traumatic Stress, trauma from sexual assault and/or sexual abuse, chronic pain, childhood neglect, and mood disorders, perinatal/postpartum trauma, and female sexual dysfunction. Tzipporah’s dance company, Bodies Belonging, where dance is used as a vehicle to invoke joy and connection to others, while exploring the subtext of human narrative. 

Headshot of Lashonda Johnson
Lashonda, lit from one side and partially shadowed, stands before a grey backdrop. She is a brown-skinned black woman with long black braids with hints of copper and brown. She wears a ring in her septum and a simple black tank.
Photo by Tevin Michael

Lashonda Johnson (she/her): @shonda.xo

Lashonda Johnson is a Performer and Choreographer who now resides in Atlanta, GA. She was born in Williamsport, PA and earned her BFA in Dance with a concentration in Performance and Choreography from Slippery Rock University in 2019. In her movement, Lashonda breaks the wall between the performers and the viewers, making it accessible for everyone involved to have an experience. Pulling from her love of studying others, Lashonda creates her movement from her own experiences as well as her peers, being sure to handle it with great empathy and care. During her time in Atlanta, Lashonda was a part of T Lang’s ‘Incubation Learning Laboratory Residency Program’ directly following graduation, eventually presenting her evening length work ‘Corners Kept At Bay’. Following this Lashonda has continued to present work with companies and organizations in the Atlanta community such as Dance Canvas and Full Radius Dance. Lashonda has also presented her choreography in festivals and shows in Atlanta such as, FemmeFest, Fall in the Fourth, and Play.Risk.Research. In the future, Lashonda plans to continue choreographing and presenting work around the Atlanta area.

Headshot of Lauren McCall
Photographed outdoors, Lauren sits at a cafe table wearing all black as she smiles into the camera. Lauren is a brown-skinned black woman who wears her hair in shoulder-length twisted braids.

Lauren McCall (she/her): @laurenm.63

Lauren McCall is a composer and music educator from Atlanta, Georgia. She collaborates with technologists, musicians, and artists from various backgrounds. Lauren has had compositions performed around North America and Europe. This includes her piece for open instrumentation titled To Cover You, which was performed at the Fresh Inc. Festival, and Continuum, which was performed by the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Laptop Orchestra. Along with composing, Lauren enjoys playing classical music and jazz on the clarinet and piano, spending time in nature, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.

Headshot of Courtney McClendon
Courtney, a pale skinned woman with long dark hair swept to one side of her neck and cascading forward, gazes directly into the camera in front of a grey backdrop.

Courtney McClendon (she/her): @courtney_mcclendon_

Courtney McClendon is an Atlanta-based dancer and choreographer. She received her BFA in dance from Radford University where she produced, directed, and choreographed research-based dance performances.
During her career, Courtney has had the opportunity to perform in international festivals, local dance festivals, corporate events, school educational shows, and formal dance concerts. She has performed works by Kyle Abraham, Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theatre, Danah Bella, Inessa Plekhanova, and Amy VanKirk.

Courtney is currently on faculty at Roswell Performing Arts where she teaches dance, acting, and musical theatre. She is Director of Roswell Youth Theatre Kidz, and is in her 3rd season as the Assistant Director and Choreographer for Roswell Youth Theatre MainStage. She has worked on shows such as Annie, Matilda, Willy Wonka, Into the Woods, Music Man, Anastasia, and Shrek.

She is a company member at Full Radius Dance, as well as performing as a freelance artist, and is excited to be a participant of the 2023/2024 A.M. Collab cohort!

Headshot of Jacquelyn Pritz
Jacque, a Filipino-American woman, poses in front of a medium brown backdrop. Her long dark hair, worn in voluminous waves, has strands of bright red.
Photo by Christina J Massad

Jacquelyn (Jacque) Pritz (she/her): @jpritz.dance | @catchingmangoesdance

Jacquelyn (Jacque) Pritz is a local dance artist and entrepreneur. She recently launched Catching Mangoes Dance with the goal to share and uplift hyphenated American stories by creating meaningful artistic experiences. Jacque’s choreography is autoethnographic, often examining her personal identity and life experiences as a Filipino-American woman, embodying her study of Filipino/Filipino American culture and history, and connecting with people through the spirit of kapwa.

Jacque’s works have been presented at various festivals, performances and events in Georgia and Florida. She has garnered recognition with prestigious residencies, including the Meli Kaye and Rise City Dance programs, and has been commissioned by esteemed organizations such as Beacon Dance and Kalayaan Atlanta. Currently, Jacque is program coordinator at Emory Arts of Emory University and a freelance project coordinator. She is a founding member of DanceATL and on the board of several arts organizations in Atlanta. Jacque’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the arts is underscored by her recognition as a 2022 National Leader of Color fellow.

Jacque is a freelance dance artist and has performed for Beacon Dance, ALA Dance, Bautanzt Here, SOMOS, Dance Canvas, and several independent choreographers. She holds a BFA in Dance and BSBA in Marketing from the University of Florida. In her free time, Jacque enjoys exploring other movement means (she’s currently into hot yoga), cooking plant-based recipes, traveling, and snuggling with her dog named Oakley. You can learn more about Jacque on her website: https://www.jpritzdance.com/

Headshot of Selena Rizova
Selena, pictured up close, angles her face towards the camera in front of a blurred room. Her dark hair is center parted and pulled back at the nape of her neck. She wears a piercing in her septum.
Photo by Samuil Rizov

Selena Rizova (she/her): @selenarizova 

Selena Rizova is a Bulgarian-born artist, creator, and performer who grew up in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, NV. At an early age, she began her ballet training at Nevada Ballet Academy and Nevada School of Dance under the direction of Luz Morante and Ella Gourkova. Selena later redirected her energy and talents toward her studies and now holds a BFA in Dance Choreography & Performance and a BA in English Literature from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. During her time there, Selena explored her interest in a multitude of artistic disciplines such as spoken word poetry and videography. She now continues to investigate new ways of interweaving these to create immersive and thought-provoking works. She has traveled and performed internationally for various dance programs, including the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, IBStage in Barcelona, and KNSU in Seoul. She has also worked in marketing, photography, and content creation positions for JorDance Studios, the UNLV Dance Department, and Room To Move Dance. Selena moved to Atlanta, Georgia in the fall of 2022, and is currently a company member with Room To Move Dance. Most recently, she partook in the Fall for Fall Dance Festival in October of 2023 as a freelance performer and is a participant of the 2023/2024 A.M. Collab cohort.

Headshot of Terence Rushin
Captured in laughter, Terence grins to his left. He is a brown-skinned black man with subtle facial hair, smile lines around his eyes and mouth, and a bright blue mohawk.

Terence Rushin (he/him): @photorushin

Terence Rushin has professionally captured vivid, adrenaline infused images for over a decade.

Specializing in live concert and festival imagery, Terence has photographed a countless number of internationally known music acts on and off the stage.

Learn more about Terence and see his work on his website: www.photorushin.com/

Headshot of Olivia White
Olivia, a brown-skinned black woman gazes directly into the camera. She is photographed in front of a white wall. She wears her golden brown and black hair in locs, swept to ones side. She wears dangling silver and turquoise earrings and a piercing in her septum.
Photo by Katie Dugan Barrett

Olivia White (she/her): @pointeshoes_olvejuice

Olivia White, a Miami native, found her passion for dance at an early age. She received her BFA in Dance from Valdosta State University in December of 2017.

She has danced with Paulo Manso de Sousa’s Southern Arc Dance Theatre, CityDance, Inc. Collective, Gotta Dance Contemporary Apprentice Company, and the SWAD Collective, performing in the Modern Dance Atlanta Festival. She has also co-created and performed works at 7 Stages and the Inman Park Festival. She also attended Alonzo King LINES Ballet 2020 and 2022 Summer Intensive.

Olivia has had the pleasure of teaching contemporary, ballet, jazz funk, and creative movement at various studios and schools in the Atlanta area, including Dance 4 U! Performing Arts Studio Southern Arc Dance Center, and Expressions in Motion Dance.

In 2022, Olivia created Momentus Dance, a collective that has presented work with the Dance Canvas Palette Project and the Carrollton Mayfest Festival. She is currently the Dance Coordinator for the Carrollton Center for the Arts. She teaches ballet, jazz, and contemporary and has choreographed CCCT’s 9 to 5 The Musical, School of Rock and The Lightning Thief for Carrollton’s Teen Theatre, as well as Rent, Pippin, and Chicago for Carrollton Repertory Theater. 

Post pandemic, she is elated to again dance and work professionally, teaching technique as a tool towards artistic expression.